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iPhone Games PRO is a huge opportunity to earn huge commission from a 100% original product.

iPhones Are Everywhere.

Earn Monthly Revenue Selling Digital Games On The APP STORE.

What is iPhone Games PRO?

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Hello from Francesco Crema and welcome to the JV Page of iPhone Games PRO.

I wanna show you a huge and amazing opportunity you and your customers can take advantage of. It's something we all know, yet only 0.001% can exploit.

I am talking about iPhone apps, in particular highly-additive iPhone games.

iPhones are all around us, and iPhone users are most likely to spend money on software.

But developing iPhone games requires a lot of technical skills very few people can master.

That's why I've been working for months to publish iPhone Games PRO.

Your customers will be able to create and publish their unique iPhone games using provided templates and provided guides, with NO TECH skill.

With my step-by-step tutorials, they will be able to create a race game as well as a sport game or a war game, within minutes.

Then, they'll be able to publish the games on the App Store to let Apple sell their apps, gaining a (really) passive income that will come in, every month, directly from Apple.

 PLR Games ready to be customized and published

​​​​​​​ Step-by-step guides for customizing and publishing the apps

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Four Powerful Upsells and Three Downsells Will Exponentially Increase Your Commission

The Program Consists Of Several PDFs, Video Tutorials and Two Full iPhone Games Projects Ready To Use.

If You Want A Review Copy, Just Get In Touch At me@francescocrema.it

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The Funnel & Commisions

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 September 19th at    
​​​​​​​ 10:00AM EST

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​​​​​​​Let's take a look at the program and all it has to offer.

Frontend offer - iPhone Games PRO. This is all they need to start taking advantage of this unique opportunity. This package contains two iPhone Games PLR provided by me and guides about niche research, game customization and App Store publishing.

OTO1 - iPhone Games Extra. The first OTO contains two more games your customers can use to expand their earnings: once they identify a niche, they will be able to release 2 more games multiplying their earnings! The downsell is only one of the two games, at a lower price.

OTO2 - tvOS PRO provides two more PLR apps. This time, they are not for iPhone anymore: they are for Apple TV!

This is a unique niche not well exploited even by experienced developers. The downsell is only one of the apps at a lower price.

OTO3 - watchOS PRO provides two more PLR apps, for the Apple Watch. Like tvOS, this is a rather new and uncommon niche your customers can use to reach even more people. As usual, the downsell is made by only one Apple Watch app.

OTO4 - Apps Hunter provides a method to gain nearly-unlimited app templates, ready to be customized and published even if the customers do not want to purchase my PLRs. This is an amazing guide that will provide value for years to come.

Contact Us

For any question about iPhone Games PRO, do not hesitate to contact me.

​​​​​​​ me@francescocrema.it

Thank you for your support!

Francesco Crema